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Future Prospect

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Date 2020-01-01

Academic achievements the Taiwanese history research center hopes to complete in the near future.

I.     Improve the research capacity in itself, strive vigorously to make the school authorities and the ministry of education allow the development and building of a complete education and research system from the master to the doctoral level by qualified professors. Strive to influence the ministry of education in supporting the recruitment of more employees to serve in this department, and promote this department as a focal point in research in Taiwanese history, this being done in the purpose of becoming the most complete research and teaching unit in (Taiwanese) history in the country.

II.      Push forward collaboration projects with renowned international educational institutions, notably through the organisation of international seminars and by the invitation of internationally renowned specialists to come as visiting professors, but also by promoting exchange with international academic circles. The joint communication on common research results in Taiwanese history by Taiwanese and Japanese specialists organized under the patronage of Japan exchange society that happened on the 12th of December 2004 can be considered the onset of those exchanges. 
III.    Develop our research publication capacities and volume. Give more opportunity to our professors, researchers and students to publish their work。Make sure all appointed professors have (at least) an opportunity to publish once a year.
IV.    Complete plans to publish more than twenty academic monographs, edition and translations of historical documents related to Taiwan history and books of vulgarization and education on Taiwanese history and then strive for the opportunity to enter the SSCI(social science citation index) and AHCI (Arts and Humanities citation index) publication lists .

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